Cannes 2011 Begins

Cannes 2011 began last night as Woody Allen‘s Midnight In Paris Played the Grand Palais. As always, Glamwire trots out the Lunn/Rhodes photo ballet Hunger Strike At Cannes…shot in like 1957….to celebrate. Our interest will be almost entirely in what films are playing for the palm D’or or the Camera D’or. Is Kustaurica at Cannes this year? I cant stand Kustaurica but he’s won the Palm D’or Like 7 Times. This is the hub of international film and we’ll check in from time to time on each film playing this very big show. So below are some images from the Lunn/ Rhodes Ballet “Hunger Strike At Cannes.” Editorial note: Actually in taking a harder look at Kusturica…..which is spelt Kusturica and may be pronounced “Costa Rica“…..Kusturica is just alright with the glamwire news team. I did nearly puke at that 2007 film….but…..he’s friggin Kusturica.

Francine DiMartine Makes the Scene.

On day I of his strike, Yves St. Levine is also on the scene.

At a party in the Hills….Yves and Francine meet.

Yves disoriented somehere on the Riviera….real coverage of fest begins below:

Woody opens the fest…Story here.

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