Cannes Day 6 In Competition: HEARAT SHULAYIM (Footnote)

Ah, my favorite photo in the ballet, By far. This hangs in my apartment rather large right  over a Martin Shoeleher of Bill Clinton (as it should)….I love this image. The film below is called Footnote..which may be the new title of the photo. Its always been called “20th century Fox.”


SYNOPSIS: FOOTNOTE is the story of a great rivalry between a father and son. Both eccentric professors, they have dedicated their lives to their work. The father seems a stubborn purist who fears the establishment. His son, Uriel, appears to strive on accolades, endlessly seeking recognition.

But one day, the tables turn. The two men switch places when the father learns he is to be awarded the most valuable honour one can receive. His desperate need for recognition is betrayed, his vanity exposed. Uriel is torn between pride and envy. Will he sabotage his father’s glory?

FOOTNOTE is the story of insane competition, the admiration and envy for a role model, bringing father and son to a final, bitter confrontation.

Joseph CEDAR

Joseph CEDAR
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