Chris Hedges from NYT on Bin Laden’s Death

The most powerful words we have heard and images we have seen on war. This is from

Here is a link to Mr. Hedges remarks on the death of Bin Laden

The above speach really does hammer home the kind of world wide inequity in regards to war itself…that is important to keep in mind right here and right now….and in the future. IE so often U. S. is unseen aggressor at least unseen in the west and in powerful world wide media. It is unseen because it is hidden by its own massive power. Somehow statesmanship eminating from America itself has to work to ease that dramatically….primarily though stopping aggression…documenting American aggression as it exists (which I bet it not so easy) and easing it. Certainly not all American military action is aggression and brutality….but moves made in Kawait, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq….from 1989 on….arguably are. Still a challenging time not so easily understood and acted upon. The real question is: are the revolutions in the Middle East a result of terrible force and destruction or the election of a person of color giving over a billion people in the world a glimpse of the reality that anything can happen through peace. Peace and a good relationship with Oprah Winfrey, sure…but peace. The answer is, sadly probably both. But….that doesn’t mean that one instance was not way more intense than the other….and we think the election of Obama was in fact way more instrumental in promoting democracy in the Middle East than any military action. And we think the above video discuses some truths hidden from the west that need to get unhidden.