Layana Aguilar in NYC.

The story of Layana Aguilar is borderline a fairy tale. This up and coming Brazilian designer has stunned great names in the industry, was a finalist on the 11th Season of Project Runway and designed the gown for the first Latina Disney princess, “Elena of Avalor”.

Layana comes from a small town in Brazil and has always dreamt of becoming a designer, which is not a reality for many people coming from a place not known for fashion. As told by her, she used to draw tears from her mother and sister, by cutting their clothes in an attempt to redesign the pieces.That at the age of 9.

The designer moved to NY 14 years ago and since then has studied her craft and opened her own brand, that carries her name. Shortly after, she participated on Project Runway reaching the top 5. To top the entire run of the show, the celebrated coach and fashion personality Tim Gunn recommended her to be the designer of the principal gown of princess “Elena of Avalor”, a computer-animated television series that premiered on the 22nd of July, 2016, in the USA.

DISNEY PRINCESS: Elena of Avalor

Layana’s design aims to celebrate womanhood by combining traditional and innovative, sophistication and comfort. Her pieces exudes sensuality with a feminine attitude that is confidently understated and empowering. You can check her current collection out both on her website and at the Fly Solo Showroom, in NYC.

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