FASHION SAMBA! Israel’s Daniel Silverstain

By Bee Sacramento

Israel’s Daniel Silverstain broke in by channelling Brazilian Futurism in Spring 2014, at #NYFW. His hats have been touted by Rhianna, Lady Gaga, and Angelina Jolie, and as one can see from the images here, Futurism is an essential part of his vision.


Daniel Silverstain started his career in Israel, where he is from, working as the Director of Visual Merchandise for the Israeli branch of Keds Kids. In order to finish his studies, the young designer moved to NYC in 2009 and went to the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) . His talent shone through early and he was selected to collaborate with the Danish fashion label Muuse, still as an undergraduate. In the beginning of his career, Daniel worked with the design teams of major fashion brands such as 3.1 Philip Lim, Calvin Klein Collection and Elie Tahari.

His own clothing line focuses on womenswear, to which he brings a touch of modernism and  aims for innovation, essentiality and futurism. The complexity and charm of his designs come from his ability to explore textiles, natural forms in an era of hi-technology and industrialism, as well as from his inspiration in architecture and mid-20th century.

Interestingly enough, Daniel Silverstein wasn’t always in Fashion. The Israel born artist is a former musician, skilled in playing trumped, guitar and piano. It was on a trip to Asia, specifically India, that the young Daniel discovered his real passion and dove into learning different techniques such as knitting, jewelry making and screen-printing.

In 2011, Daniel was chosen by Vogue Italy as one of Muuse’s Top Ten Most Promising Designers. Right after, he was  a finalist in the ELLE Fashion Next fashion show. Most recently, Daniel was recognized by the CFDA “for his outstanding achievement in Womenswear Design”, and awarded a member of the CFDA+. Daniel’s bold and innovative designs have spread internationally and rapidly garnered significant brand recognition and industry following.

“I design to inspire women to be bold, to be courageous, to standout, and to create a story of their own.”

– Daniel Silverstain




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