FASHION SAMBA! Brazil & Murgel

By Bee Sacramento

Brazil & Murgel is a Brazilian jewelry company that within its first year of its existence, managed to score the highest honor in one of the most prestigeous awards in Design, the A’ Design Award and Competition, which takes place in Italy.


Fabio Brazil and Henrique Murgel explore the concrete and the intangible. Through their jewelry they reproduce light, shadow, movement and sensations.

The Vivit Collection, which granted them the Platinum award, was inspired by organic forms and behaviors found in nature. The main idea was to create memorable pieces able to arouse curiosity of the beholder by means like animals and humans use to seduce – dancing. But it wasn’t only this set that got them attention, they snatched two other awards for different Collection that year and again in 2016.

“Vivit is a latin word meaning a thing or someone that lives. Vivit Collection has a life of its own – through its fluid and swirling lines it dances, hiding and revealing the inner golden surface, with the intention to intrigue and seduce.”

The very young and talented designers work on their own designs and once ready, they reach out to an experienced goldsmiths to get the right curves and shapes, even though they are able to handcraft the pieces themselves.

One of the most special traits of their work, which caught the eyes of socialites and celebrities, is the singularity of the pieces. B&M does have their collections, but they do design jewelry by request, taking under consideration your style, your energy, your curves and your spirit.






IG: @brazilmurgel