Controversy in Tribeca: <Br>Guests Of Cindy Sherman Asked to Leave

Zak Soreff and Milon Henry Levine are Guests of Cindy Sherman…or at least of the film “Guest of Cindy Sherman” which premiered last night in NYC.

Controversy swirlled around the Tribeca Film Festival last night as Cindy Sherman released a statement regretting her involvment in Tom Donahue and Paul H-O’s film “Guest of Cindy Sherman.” Here is the text of that statement:

“As my name is in the title and my work and self are so abundantly represented, I would like to counter any assumption that I am or wish to be personally associated with it. I am not a participant in any events related to the film’s screenings in this festival or future presentations.

I apologize to all those who participated, thinking they were doing me a favor in giving interviews and otherwise assisting in the fabrication of this film.

Against my better judgment, it was clearly unwise to cooperate with the project at its inception.”

Genuine Statement or Relatively Intelligent Publicity Stunt?

Your thoughts are most welcome.

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