Hunger Strike At Cannes

Milon Henry Levine seen above at the 50th Cannes Film Festival, claims he will hunger strike on behalf of the power of the individual at the 6oth Cannes Film Festival. He is currently in training at at undisclosed location. “The individual is powerless over large corporations, which actually prey off of citizens, in many cases ‘legally’ stealing money from them. ” He says that he is striking for the passage of Hr. 811, Rush Holt’s voting legislation that will make electronic voting machines accountable. “Its the first step towards auditing machines that are assaulting people on behalf of big companies. “”

The puzzler #4

This dude’s names is synonmyous with new energy. He built a power plant in Telluride with S. L Nunn and was a true energy pioneer. The most unglamourous band ever is named after him. Who is this true energy pioneer? Answer all of The Puzzlers in January for a chance to win! Related articles by […]

Ciao! (Glamwire Hall of Fame #1)

Giorgio Armani was born July 11, 1934, in Piacenza, Italy. One of three children, Armani had his heart set on becoming a doctor. After graduating high school, a young Armani headed to medical school at the University of Bologna, but after 2 years he realized that medicine — specifically the sight of blood — was […]

Happy Boxing Day

Aye, ’tis Boxing Day. Who could forget me laddies and lassies when meself, Phineas Mcphearsonloch, from Dunbeck, first rode south to work in the mutton department at Blemish in Oxfordshire 200 miles northwest o ‘london in 1007 A.D. Aye, Chistmases were grandly organic then, ’twas wey hard to organzize a fabulositous After Christmas sale when […]