Unique Menswear Idea: Armor (Holiday Tip #7)

Your buddy the Titled Englishman with the Fabulous Estate in Sussex cannot get enough of this stuff, so why not shock and delight your husband the Orthopedist from Short Hills? Here, in a delightfully puzzling, jumbled together manor (um, we meant, “manner”), are some related websites: Ballistic Gear & Body Armor: www.diamondbacktactical.com. Unique Decorative Swords […]

Kid Crazy (Holiday Tip #6)

Manhattan is going kid crazy this season…and there should be a number of chic youngsters toddling about the Tri State Area on Boxing Day. Our advice: Stay Clear of All Children this Christmas. Just Kidden’! Sonia Rykiel from Paris is doing Great and Reasonably Priced clothing for children available at her kids boutique at Madison […]

World Cup Shirt Secret (Holiday Tip #4)

2006 Italian Soccer shirts are showing remarkable buoyancy during the holiday season. Official jerseys of many of the world teams featured in last summers Mondial (possibly all 38 of them) can be found at: soccer Soccer Sport Supply Company 1745 First Avenue New York, NY 10128 Phone: (212) 427-6050 Phone2: (800) 223-1010 Email: soccersportsupply@msn.com Related […]