Grace Jones, Beki and Facebook…..<br>together in Williamsburg at 6:12 AM

This is a photo from Friday night’s show by the African Collective, the designer is Stoned Cherrie…The show and party at The Plaza afterwards were put on by the Nigerian Newspaper This Day, which is publishing Arise Magazine now…both great titles if thought about for just a moment, eh? The photo is by Jessica Lapidos, who along with her sister Michelle Lapidos, founded UDress magazine (, out of chic, style-hub Newark (Pronounced New Ark) Delaware at the University of Delaware. UDress is probably the best student run fashion magazine in the country, and maybe actually in the world. We at Glamwire are huge fans of UDress, and the ultra stylish Lapidos sisters. Below, our own resident rock star….Beki “Pina Colada’ Thomas, talks about passionate nights in bed with her laptop, and her fierce international lover…Facebook.

Beki and a few of her Facebook friends meet for a lager.

FACEBOOK by Beki “Pina Colada” Thomas

Ahhhhhhh it’s so cozy in this bed, I’m slowly waking up from a wonderful slumberland but I wanna go back to sleep coz this dream I’m having is so realistic and it involves the object of my desire….

… The waking World starts to come into focus and then the I remember… FACEBOOK!!!!
Shit! Cool ! Fuck!….I roll over and reach under the other pillow and grab my boyfriend (my laptop)…

Still with one eye closed and a squashed half asleep face I lay there with the computer turned sideways so I can keep my head on the pillow…and I open it up.

My heart starts pumping a bit with anticipation and excitement as I type in ‘f’ …. a million thoughts going through my mind… “Ooooo I wonder if ……..wrote back-…probably not..probably!..fuck I dunno- hurry up and load MoFo!”

“WHAT!?”….no messages!…..JEEZUZ…thanx a lot Australia..all that time I was asleep, you were awake and you didn’t even pop in to say hello to little me who’s on the other side of the WORLD..oh well… it’s still early here, which means you might still be awake and have time to checkout the new pics I just put up of me having so much fun in NYC.

OH…but look! THREE notifications!! yipee! Let’s check this shit out..

… GREAT… that’s just FABULOUS…someone has tagged me in a pic from the 90’s and I look like a cyber raver feral DICKHEAD..thankyou for that…(remove tag)

Oh but what do we have here ladies and gents…. some hot topless tattooed male model has friend requested me! wonder how he found me? Who cares, that’s cool…maybe we’ll end up never know.

Still two more little red notifications……frig…just another person Idon’t know passing me a drink…cheers mate. WOOH! A message just came through as we speak!heeeheheee (adrenaline pumping) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Now it’s just someone who’s not even a friend inviting me to a dance party in Madagascar…..shiiiiiiiiiiit..what a waste of excitement.

Let’s quickly pop and see whos online..just quickly though, coz I don’t want the pouncers to pounce on me and start chattin…..with the old “hi how are you?”….. “hi- WHO are you?” more like it….I like to see who’s on there, but truth be told, I really only like talking to my Mom on there or Nik, who I see everyday anyway..

Hmmmmm Ok, now it’s about time I updated my status..or should leave it for a few days so it appears that I have a life and I’m too busy to be updating my status all the time? Hmmm… fuckit! I’m gonna do it- WHAT ARE YOU DOING RIGHT NOW?…Beki Colada Thomas is so excited coz I’m about to meet Madonna for a coffee and talk about music and boys!!

Should I change my profile pic back to that slightly sexier pic?…I reckon more people were writing to me when when I had that pic up…..

“I’m not in l’m not obsessed ~ I’m not obsessed…it’s just a silly phase I’m goin through do doo do dooo do do”…. “and so are yoo oo ooo”

Like my song?

ps… This story is fiction…..of course it’s not true… if……I didn’t even write it.

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