Glamwire News May 13th 2009

CANNES, France — Sponsorships have shriveled, the Vanity Fair black-tie bash has been nixed and fewer megayachts are expected to clutter the horizon during the Cannes International Film Festival that opens here today — appropriate for an event that prides itself on the art of filmmaking over fluff. The opening film, Disney and Pixar’s 3-D […]

Glamwire’s Evil Playlist GETS WAY MORE EVIL

That’s because we’ve added the evil ABBA “Waterloo!”….the Ace of Bass of Evilness…Fat Boy Slim…Marylyn Monroe….Tones of Rollingf Stfones….some refcorded as stone henge was being formed….Serge Gainsbourg…just in times for Cannes….”Je suis L’homme a tete du chou, mothefucka!”…and the most evil of them all, em, Bruce Crabtree?…and even more evil than that … Hot frigging […]

Glamwire Playlist

Get Rehab MP3s at Glamwire’s glamorous playlist is always growing, and is always at your finger tips….We will always keep a playlist on your Glamwire News frontpage, so you can glamorously get through your day with the world’s greatest music. Which means today…..we’re adding Justin Timberlake and Marolyn Monroe!!! Stay tuned!!!

Glamcam: Heidi Montag and Satan at Boost Mobile Lounge

Heidi Montag with red fiery pupiled boyfriend and The Hills Costar Spencer Pratt hit the Boost Mobile Lounge’s after party for Heidi’s new flick “Bad Haircut.”* The couple is often called “The End of Western Civilization” and someitmes “Spiedi” They have been called the toxically powerful Joe DiMaggio and Marylyn Monroe of Reality Television.

*The Glamwire News Team has been informed that the movie being celebrated last night was in fact called “Harold” and that Montag is not in it, and also that there is no known movie to date called “Bad Haircut.” The News Team apologizes for these mistatements.