Tadashi Scores

Tadashi scored a really stunning evening wear show, his first one, featuring Miss USA Tara Conner and Miss Teen USA Katie Blair, this silver birch dress closed the show. At the end, Tadashi popped out with the two controversial beauty queens. Puzzler question. Just whom ? in on the left? Related articles by Zemanta Miss […]

Ridin’ with Sass & Bide

Australian Jeans designers Sass & Bide pushed the limites of casual wear last night in Bryant Park with energetic, vibrant ensembles, many accented with sleek top hats, which delighted and had the Aussies coming away with our Show of the Day feature. Related articles by Zemanta Sass & Bide are coming to London (myfashionlife.com) Alexander […]

February 2, New York City

BCMGMaxaria (Above 2) sent out a kind of an earthy, hippy-dippy take on really elegant evening wear, whereas Nicole Miller (below 2) for the most part sent out short dresses and hats that gave off a distinctly international flavour. Both at Bryant Park on Friday, Feb 2. Related articles by Zemanta Memories under the N.Y. […]

Vicky Does Amsterdam

Field reporter Victoria Leetsi (above, inset) reports that fashion is alive and well in Amsterdam, and that Ilja Vissar’s show of rust and green and white dresses and pant suits continues to broaden Visser’s original style within a very conservative and classic frame work. The Guilermo Vilas Puma party rocked. Stars Hila Matthews, Fred Flintstone, […]

The Glamour Artist

Stunning photographer Melissa Lynn is definitely not in Lawrence, Kansas anymore. Her Oz like experience in New York has lead her to photographing for the New York Times, and her series on store window mannequins is vibrant and original and definitely classic. You can see more here. Somewhere Bernice Abbot is blushing. Related articles by […]

Anna Sui Goes Insane

Her spring line is exploding. Check it out at Annasuiferme! Related articles by Zemanta Anna Sui Shops For Butterflies (huffingtonpost.com) Get the Look: Anna Sui’s Spring Collection for Under $50 (shefinds.com) Shopping With Anna Sui: Shopping for Butterfly-Patterned Furnishings (nytimes.com) Suy Sorm : Cambodia (kiva.org) Suy Sum : Cambodia (kiva.org)

Handbag Gone Wild

This stylish handbag was seen collapsing outside of Tao in Vegas at 4:30 last night, mumbling “I love myself” over and over again. Bag available at GhurkaGoneWild!!!. You have been warned…these are wild bags. Related articles by Zemanta The trendy styles of handbags (fitfiend.com) Palm-Reading Handbags – These Bohemian Tarot-Inspired Handbags and Art are Thought-Provoking […]

The puzzler #4

This dude’s names is synonmyous with new energy. He built a power plant in Telluride with S. L Nunn and was a true energy pioneer. The most unglamourous band ever is named after him. Who is this true energy pioneer? Answer all of The Puzzlers in January for a chance to win! Related articles by […]

Unique Menswear Idea: Armor (Holiday Tip #7)

Your buddy the Titled Englishman with the Fabulous Estate in Sussex cannot get enough of this stuff, so why not shock and delight your husband the Orthopedist from Short Hills? Here, in a delightfully puzzling, jumbled together manor (um, we meant, “manner”), are some related websites: Ballistic Gear & Body Armor: www.diamondbacktactical.com. Unique Decorative Swords […]

Counter Spy Shop (Holiday Tip #3)

This is the original James Bond shop. Here you’ll find a wide variety of products to ensure privacy, security and safety. The shop’s newest addition is the Truth Phone, which joins a full range of spy cameras, bug/tap alerts, nightvision devices, personal protection gear, and other executive tools and toys. 444 Madison Ave between 49th […]