New Look Mahvelous: Marion Cotillard ROQS Cannes in Lefranc-Ferrant

Marion Cotillard a choisi hier soir la maison française Lefranc-Ferrant pour assister aux 150 ans de la maison Chopard à Cannes. Elle portait une sublime combinaison bustier, entièrement rebrodée de paillettes métalliques, de la collection Lefranc-Ferrant, Automne Hiver 2010. Les Transltions pur les Englais Amis: Marion Cotillard had chosen yesterday night a sublime jumpsuit from […]

Keeping up with Rachel Zoe

Rachel flipping out in traffic jam with unknown dude in Milano a few hours ago. 🙂 Related articles by Zemanta Rachel Zoe in Chanel Canvas Jumbo Flap ( Rachel Zoe spoofs herself…and I die! ( Rachel Zoe Meets Rachel Zoe Impersonator, Fights Over Brad ( Rachel Zoe & The Zoeinator Duke It Out In Hysterical […]

The Paolo Award For Fall 2010

This is Paolo….Paolo shoots accessories only for Digital Milano, a photo agency in Milan. This means when someone comes down the runway he’s shooting bracelets, hats, hand bags…maybe if someone else frm Digital Milano isn’t doing them…shoes. Paolo does not speak a word of English except the words; “Como esti” and, also, probaly the words. […]