Amour (Love) wins the Palm D’or

Aging and the devastating effects of sudden illness may not sound like a sure-fire commercial crowd-pleaser, but Austrian director Michael Haneke’s restrained and emotional drama, “Amour” captured the hearts of both festival goers and the 2012 Cannes Film Festival’s jury, who awarded the film the prestigious Palme d’Or on Sunday night. “For me, the film […]

Cannes Day 10: In Competition: “Pater”

On Day 10, Yves is disoriented again. Perhaps he is bowing to the muse, or he’s lost a contact lense or both…or he’s hitting the deck to deal with the End of Days, either way, he’s frigging starving..and could defintiely use a crossiant right about now. IN COMPETION: “PATER”  FRANCE 105 MINS SYNOPSIS: Vincent Lindon […]

Cannes Day 8: In Competition: “Polisse” (Poliss)

Francine DiMartine Makes her move…and leaves her hotel room. She can’t escape That 20th Century Fox Feeling….tho she’s defintiely worked out to be quite the 21st Century Fox….:) In Competition: Polisse (Poliss), France, 127 mins MAÏWENN Glamwire Special Note: Ouch. Synopisis: The daily grind for the cops of the Police Department‘s Juvenile Protection Unit – […]

New Look Mahvelous: Marion Cotillard ROQS Cannes in Lefranc-Ferrant

Marion Cotillard a choisi hier soir la maison française Lefranc-Ferrant pour assister aux 150 ans de la maison Chopard à Cannes. Elle portait une sublime combinaison bustier, entièrement rebrodée de paillettes métalliques, de la collection Lefranc-Ferrant, Automne Hiver 2010. Les Transltions pur les Englais Amis: Marion Cotillard had chosen yesterday night a sublime jumpsuit from […]

Hunger Strike at Cannes Day 6

    On the advice of his physician…   the Hunger Striker prepared to order a 42 Euro Croque Monsieur at the Petit Carlton.      However the service is so bloody slow….that the woman behind him dies before he gets a chance to do so …and he himself passes out. Meanwhile, above, it’s another blase day on the […]

Glamwire News May 18th 2009

Glamwire News May 18th 2009. Cannes, France…. American Apparel and Woody Allen Settle……American Apparel has agreed to pay Woody Allen $5 million to settle a lawsuit brought against the company by the filmmaker in 2007. Caroline Jenkins going for  a swim….for the Glamwire news team in Cannes France. Ciao. Related articles Dov Charney Got A […]

Glamwire News May 13th 2009

CANNES, France — Sponsorships have shriveled, the Vanity Fair black-tie bash has been nixed and fewer megayachts are expected to clutter the horizon during the Cannes International Film Festival that opens here today — appropriate for an event that prides itself on the art of filmmaking over fluff. The opening film, Disney and Pixar’s 3-D […]