Hunger Strike at Cannes Day 8

CAUGHT! Glamwire Staff Photographer Donny Wayne Schneider has got his EYE on Hunger Striker Phillipe Le Fois…Caught! sans tuxedo,  enjoying what seems to be a baguette this morning,  as seen from a room at the Hotel Atlas in downtown Cannes. We are informed that we may have an interview with Monsieur Le Fois by none other […]

Hunger At Cannes Day 7

Through the excellent work of Glamwire French Bureau Cheif Francine Di Martine and Glamwire Senior Reporter and Head Research Analyst Donny Wayne Schneider, we’ve been able to get a kind of a Audio Diary from The Hunger Striker, French Photojournalist Phillipe Le Fois (Above) “Harvey Weinstein stopped by the Nigerian Film Pavillion, where I have […]

Glamwire News May 19th, 2009

Glamwire News May 19th 2009 CRYSTAL CARPET: Rumors are already aflutter in Cannes as to what Angelina Jolie  will don for the premiere of Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglourious Bahstards” — in which Brad Pitt stars — on Wednesday. Word has it the working mom is considering a red-carpet dress by Belstaff, the brand behind the military-style […]

Hunger Strike at Cannes Day 6

    On the advice of his physician…   the Hunger Striker prepared to order a 42 Euro Croque Monsieur at the Petit Carlton.      However the service is so bloody slow….that the woman behind him dies before he gets a chance to do so …and he himself passes out. Meanwhile, above, it’s another blase day on the […]

Glamwire News May 18th 2009

Glamwire News May 18th 2009. Cannes, France…. American Apparel and Woody Allen Settle……American Apparel has agreed to pay Woody Allen $5 million to settle a lawsuit brought against the company by the filmmaker in 2007. Caroline Jenkins going for  a swim….for the Glamwire news team in Cannes France. Ciao. Related articles Dov Charney Got A […]

Hunger Strike At Cannes Day 5

Glamwire French Bureau Chief Francine Di Martine offers the hunger striker a sandwich at a party in the hills of Cannes last night for the Weinstein Brothers Film “Nine.” Ms Di Martine gives us this transcript of their conversation. Francine: Hi…I’m Francine Di Martine…. have a sandwich and a beer. Hunger Striker: In your dreams […]

Glamwire Chic Macy’s News, May 18, 2009

Ola….it’s me Crown Prince Chic Abdullah here in Croissette. Just had a lovely  luncheon with Adnan Khassogi, my old freind,  and 8 of his relatives at the Petit Carlton. Anyway,  here is a special edition of Glamwire Chic Macy’s News May 18th . Lundgren: No Deep Markdowns Ahead at Macy’s….Big Memorial Day clearances are approaching, but […]

Glamwire News May 16th, 2009

A grainy photograph of the Hunger Striker in Cannes just  taken moments ago by Glamwire’s Sunny Moore…it is not clear as to what the Hunger Striker in Cannes is really striking over. Recently many folks around the world have been striking to end atrocities in Darfur…it is possible he is in solidarity with them…but the […]