The Gaye Watkins Report

Tom and Dee Hilfiger. Photo: Tyler Weggel/GLAMWIRE

Gaye attends more galas than any gal we know. Here is her most recent report from The Dress For Success Gala. Dress for Success helps women get back into the workforce through counselling and, most definitely, smashing threads.

Dress for Success had its worldwide gala in New York where Tommy Hilfiger wore the tie he designed specifically to raise money for the organization. Dress for Success has been going strong for 12 years. It helps women internationally get back into the workforce by providing them with clothes to help them nail a job interview and help them emotionally prepare for a job. Most of these women have backgrounds that were filled with hard times. Some with drug abuse, or prison time.

The founder of Dress for Success Pat Nathan, simply wanted to make a difference by using the $5000 she inherited from her grandfather and help other people. She has since stepped down from the company and has opted for a simpler life. I remember briefly meeting the founder when I was part of a video crew interviewing her about her new non profit business in its first year. She began Dress for Success in the basement of a church in Greenwich Village and through other organizationsÂ’ referrals would welcome women to come and choose business suits and shoes that would help them land a job. For some women it was the very first time they had ever prepared for a job interview or owned a suit. Just picking out a business outfit and new pair of heels could at times be filled with tears of joy. Now it has continuing support from the fashion industry and big businesses.

Attendee Bobbi Brown of Bobbi Brown cosmetics, proudly proclaims that she is on the board of directors and that it is the only board she wants to be on. Iman, former model and founder of Iman cosmetics, is also a supporter and has met and been touched by some of the groups recipients. Joi Gordon CEO of Dress For Success added the personal touch at the gala by visiting various tables and thanking us all for coming. Some people honored were, the mother of Lance Armstrong, Linda Armstrong Kelly, Debra Phelps mother of Michael Phelps and Eileen Brumback Sr. Vice President at GE. A dance performance by Ailey ll was the perfect end to an inspiring evening.