Glamwire Chic News Weekend Bulletin

Glamwire Chic News Weekend Bulletin Reese Witherspoon is taking on a new role this fall — that of perfumer. The Academy Award-winning actress has teamed up with Avon Products Inc. to launch her first fragrance, called In Bloom by Reese Witherspoon. While Witherspoon has spent the last two years serving as Avon’s global ambassador and […]

Hunger At Cannes Day 7

Through the excellent work of Glamwire French Bureau Cheif Francine Di Martine and Glamwire Senior Reporter and Head Research Analyst Donny Wayne Schneider, we’ve been able to get a kind of a Audio Diary from The Hunger Striker, French Photojournalist Phillipe Le Fois (Above) “Harvey Weinstein stopped by the Nigerian Film Pavillion, where I have […]

Glamwire News May 18th 2009

Glamwire News May 18th 2009. Cannes, France…. American Apparel and Woody Allen Settle……American Apparel has agreed to pay Woody Allen $5 million to settle a lawsuit brought against the company by the filmmaker in 2007. Caroline Jenkins going for  a swim….for the Glamwire news team in Cannes France. Ciao. Related articles Dov Charney Got A […]

Hunger Strike At Cannes Day 5

Glamwire French Bureau Chief Francine Di Martine offers the hunger striker a sandwich at a party in the hills of Cannes last night for the Weinstein Brothers Film “Nine.” Ms Di Martine gives us this transcript of their conversation. Francine: Hi…I’m Francine Di Martine…. have a sandwich and a beer. Hunger Striker: In your dreams […]

Glamwire News May 15th, 2009

A Hunger Striker has hit the Croissette in Cannes this year.…hunger striking for less noise and more glamour…a better distribution of wealth througout the world…and Two House Seats to  “Hair” on Broadway. Glamwire French Beareau Chief Francine Di Martini makes the scene, posing as a French Starlet. She is a French Starlet …so this is not as […]

Glamwire News May 14th 2009

Glamwire News May 14th 2009 … Cannes, France.…A hunger striker has begun to appear here on the Croissette. Not much is known about him except that he claims to be hunger striking for less noise…and more glamour. We will have more on this story as if develops. This is Caroline Jenkins in Cannes for Glamwire […]

New Look Mahvelous

Dreading this year’s search for the perfect swimsuit? Designer and swimwear guru, Shoshanna Gruss, is here to help with answers to all of your summer style issues. Conquer your swimwear fears and hit the stores armed with expert tips on what works for you.  Q&A WITH DESIGNER SHOSHANNA GRUSS What are the key swim trends […]

Glamwire News May 13th 2009

CANNES, France — Sponsorships have shriveled, the Vanity Fair black-tie bash has been nixed and fewer megayachts are expected to clutter the horizon during the Cannes International Film Festival that opens here today — appropriate for an event that prides itself on the art of filmmaking over fluff. The opening film, Disney and Pixar’s 3-D […]

The Gaye Watkins Report

Gaye Watkins continues to heat up in this incredible report. Glamwire believes in the glamour of the automobile. Tesla makes glamorous electronic automobiles. And  Gaye Watkins is there, with the following report. “Its Electrifying!!!” Vroom, vroom!!  That’s what everyone must have heard in their heads when they stepped into a Tesla. Tesla’s were on display […]