A Beki "Pina Colada" Christmas

Tree People (The Musical) Sondheim/Thomas….with an indroduction by Berle Ives. Back where I come from Pink Hair at Christmas on a A Possum meant it was going to be a banner year for corn, but a so-so year for wheat. Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!!! – Berle Ives Tree people….The original book from which Sondheim […]

Pant Suit Watch: A Journey Into Knitwear Vol 2.

MARCH 7- 2008, Hillary Clinton’s most aggressive Pant Suit, the flaming red one she wore after winning Ohio, is on the offensive yet again, claiming that Barack Obama’s attacks on it are “Kenneth Star” like. “Hey…all I’m saying is this guy doesn’t look good in red, okay? I’m not asking him for his Tax Returns,” […]

GLAMONION: Hedi Slimane forced From Dior Homme as Dior eyes Knick Coach Isiah Thomas (STORY)

Hedi Slimane will leave Dior, forced out by Billionaire Bernard Arnault who is said to be infatuated with belegauared Knick Coach Isiah Thomas. “What Isiah was not able to do for the Knicks, I am POSITIVE he can do for Dior Homme,” Arnault said in prereleased statement from his Paris office. Knick fan Spike Lee said “Hey, it’ll be good for the Knicks and it’ll for Dior…I’ve seen Isiah’s Sketches. He is really talented and he looks fabulous in a turtleneck.Things are looking up for both Dior Homme and the Knicks.”