Several From The Vault

Photography: Milon Henry Levine/ Illustration Cal Rhodes (With Barbara Kondracki) As we roll into spring 11 at Lincoln center, Glamwire breaks out several of our greatest hits. Below some sketches for fall 10…coming up in just a few days. Related articles by Zemanta Allis-Chalmers Energy vaults on buyout offer ( Vans Vault Chukka Buckleback LX […]

West Wing Week: August 6th, 2010

Check Glamwire Television for future West Wing Weeks!!! Actually we’re gonna run this every saturday or as close to it as we can…as that’s when West Wing Week comes out. Barry…President Obama…U ROQ. This West Wing Week is called Dispatches From The Gulf. This would be the Gulf of Mexico…basically very damaged by Oil Co. […]

Oscar Oscar Oscar

Glamwire Predicts: Picture Hurt Locker Director Bigelow Actor Bridges Actress Streep Have a great night folks!!!!! Related articles by Zemanta Bigelow, Moore join board that oversees Oscars ( Bigelow, Moore join board that oversees Oscars ( Gotham Film Awards, The Hurt Locker and the Oscars ( Sigourney Weaver says James Cameron didn’t win Oscar because […]

There’s No Place like OZ (TM)

   For the first “There’s No Place Like Oz” (TM) we sent Beki “Pina Colada” Thomas to interview a chap whom we thought was the most talented Australian Termite on the planet, a juggling termite named “Bazmini” …Beki, thinking she was off to interview the most talented Australian Transvestite on planet,  was outraged and threatened to sue the […]

The Trophy Lodge

Abby Goodman at The Trophy Lodge is in full swing with rings that have a great kitchy antique feeling to them . The pieces are all hand drawn on shrinkable plastic, and then set into vintage settings. Additional styles include brightly colored fur. They look super hot on, and every color is a winner. Prices […]