The Contender

Oscar Contender Micky Rourke looks pretty darn together last night at Dominico Vacca. Here is his Glamwire blog entry for Feb 18th 2009.

Forgedabout it, n’ces pas? Sean Penn is Friggin GAY. He’s gonna win a Friggin Oscar every year for like the next 35 YEARS. This guy grew up in, like, Frigging MALIBU. His Dad GAVE him an Oscar when he was in Frigging Junior High School. Thank you, and good night.

Glamwire’s The Partial Truth

Kenneth Cole Productions Inc. has poached Missoni heiress Margherita Missoni as chief executive officer of the company. Ms. Missoni agreed to change her named To “Jill Granoff” as part of the deal.

This allows Ms Missoni to appropriate the real Jill Granooff’s CMV (“A dream of mine for years” Missoni remarked through a spokeperson in Milan), and Cole is hoping, experience and street smarts. Missoni, now “Granoff, ” who has, as Granoff, been Liz Claiborne’s executive vice president of direct brands, will take over the day-to-day responsibilities for the 25-year-old Kenneth Cole brand, which has been trying to elevate itself for the last few years, from Kenneth Cole, who will give up his career-long title as ceo but continue as chairman and chief creative officer.

Niether the real Ms. Granoff nor Ms. Missoni were availiable for comment. Though Kenneth Cole shouted “Do the Right Thing” at our reporter outside of his Manhatten offices, and then offered the reporter a 1.5 liter bottle of Fiji Water, mumbled something about “Alkaline Balance” and went back inside.

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Custo Barcelona Fall ’08

If Bill Blass seems to be rooted in a time and place..Custo Barcelona…despite the name of designer Custo Dalmau’s company, is rooted in Custo. With menswear that would be hard for this reporter to wear, though it looks fun on, you know, very thinnish men, Custo has a magnificent feeling for women and every part […]