Cannes Day 8: In Competition: “Polisse” (Poliss)

Francine DiMartine Makes her move…and leaves her hotel room. She can’t escape That 20th Century Fox Feeling….tho she’s defintiely worked out to be quite the 21st Century Fox….:) In Competition: Polisse (Poliss), France, 127 mins MAƏWENN Glamwire Special Note: Ouch. Synopisis: The daily grind for the cops of the Police Department‘s Juvenile Protection Unit – […]

Allison Fiona McDuff Arrested in Cambridge

Glamwire Senior Field Reporter Allison Fiona Mcduff was arrested in Cambridge today for allegedly “broadcasting without a permit” in front of Widener library at Harvard Univerity this morning at roughly 9:15 Am . After our producer remitted said permit…Ms. Mcduff was arrested anyway for “Failing to Cooporate” with the police. Scottish Prime Minister Ewan Mcgregor […]