Fashion Icon and Organizer of New York Fashion week, Fern Mallis, imparts her deepest secret for success in the fashion business….in five seconds. Here are a few other NY fashion week participants we admire: Jackie Rogers, B. Michael, Barbaro, Annik Klein. Elena Philipova, Susan Cianciolo, Alice Temperley, L’ren Scott, Jane Park , Libby Hann, Francoise […]

Carmen Marc Volvo Fall ’08

Carmen Marc Volvo’s satin 1920’s evening wear show was a tad boring, though a snip, quite a snip, elegant. Obvious decco 20s references and beautiful satins marked the collection, but to this reporter, not much else marked it. Though I wouldn’t complain if my date showed up wearing one of these ensembles (they carried kind […]

Temperley London Fall ’08

The name smacks of a Tanquery Gin Ad and something about Alice Temperley throws you into the sense of aristocratic elegance…and its not just the London that accents her legendary line’s name. Temperley’s Fall ’08 collection carries just the right combination of voluptuousness, or what Glamwire Junior Reporter Zac Time eagerly refers to as “sluttiness,” […]