The Glamwire Pome

SPRING HAS SPRUNG …a silly little pome by BEKi “PINa COLADa” THOMAs who has just returned to NYC from sunny Melbourne….where Bob literally is her uncle.

Spring has sprung the time has come
to put our cloaks away
there’s no such thing as happy hour
it’s happy days and days
goodbye to New York Eskimos
walking backwards up the street
time for hipsters and ghettto blasters
dancin’ to the beat
flip flops or thongs?
who cares what you call em’
dig em’ out of the closet
the weather is warmin!!
fire up the rooftop
with views of Manhattan
there’s beer in the fridge
shrimps on the barbie are cracklin’ (mate)
astro turf and banana lounges
y’know how it goes
we’ve even got those pink plastic flamingos
The new summer soundtrack’s the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Yep. Yes it is, Yeah Yeah Yeah
What kinda person are you
and what would you rather?
cough medicine in bed
or a PINA COLADA !!!??

The Gaye Watkins Report

Our “About Town” Journalist Gaye Watkins is seen above holding Megan Mylan’s academy award. Mylan, whose name was mispronounced three times during the reading of the nominees and the announcement of her victory (we can relate, man) won this year for best short film…”Smile Pinki.”

Don’t Need No Ticket to Get On Board …Gaye Watkins Reports.

The Smile Train is celebrating 10 years of 500,000 free surgeries for children with cleft lips and palates around the world. Founders Brian Mullaney, Bill Wang and Host
Norah O’ Donnell (MSNBC) were on hand to start the evening on St. Patrick’s Day. Supporters Colin Powell, Candice Bergen, Jane Kaczmarek (Malcolm in the Middle), and Christopher Meloni (Law and Order SVU) told a packed house of patrons in the Frederick P. Rose Theater at Jazz at Lincoln Center their feelings for the doctors, staff and children who make up Smile Train. Colin Powell spoke of the generous doctors who perform these surgeries and how we all must remember to help each other regardless of our circumstances in this uncertain economic time. Jokingly he added to the patrons not to worry the Dow will rise above 12,000. Jane Kaczmareck spoke of how her favorite event invitations are Smile Train events. She emotionally described her amazement and gratitude of the organization.

Christopher Meloni and Candice Bergen kept things moving along with their stories of visiting families and children in Haiti and India who were having the surgeries and observed during the operations. If you were a donor this past tuesday night it was truly your night. A Filet Mignon dinner, and a one hour concert by Ronan Tynan the Irish Tenor.

4 Open Bars, mini cheesecake lollipops which were my favorite, mini ice cream cones, live Jazz band till midnight and don’t go without having your picture taken with Producer/Director Megan Mylan who won for best documentary short “Smile Pinki” at the Academy Awards this year. Wow, they’re right, those Oscars really are heavy. Just wish I got a chance to thank The Academy, and god, and my family, but I think the other folks waiting to take a picture with Oscar just wouldn’t have stood for that. The Smile Train believes they provide the same services that similar charities do for one tenth the price. One reason for this is they offer training and supplies to doctors and their staff who live in these countries.

They believe in creating self sufficient communities and their biggest hope is to eradicate the overwhelming need for cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries in the world. Without these surgeries some infants cannot feed and are malnourished, Others are shunned in their communities and do not go to school. You cant help but tear up over some of these stories. What a nice thing to know that there really are angels everywhere.

Wall Street Chic

Ultra Stylish Valuations…From Josh Perskey.

Look, the valuations business is tough…but right now its at core of any kind of rebounding economy. Had someone done a proper valuation, ultra chic or otherwise, on Bernard Madoff….we would have found out that The Emperor had been wearing the same clothes…from Sears (which he got like in the 70’s)…..for a long time.

In a world where one of the inventors of electronic trading was not trading at all for years…the idea of the closed Hedge Fund has to be decimated…if it is not….there are even more greedy suckers out there than we imagined possible. Tried and true intelligent valuation is at the center of good investing….and looking great while doing it…is what Glamwire is all about. You don’t have to look like a schmo to be honest, hardworking and talented. And Josh Perskey proves that once again in the following report.

Chairman Bernanke, speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations, had a few words to say about valuations:

The ongoing move by those who set accounting standards toward requirements for improved disclosure and greater transparency is a positive development that deserves full support.

However, determining appropriate valuation methods for illiquid or idiosyncratic assets can be very difficult, to put it mildly.

Similarly, there is considerable uncertainty regarding the appropriate levels of loan loss reserves over the cycle.

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Paolos

This…is Paolo. Paolo is a fotog from Milano, from Digital Milano Agency. He shoots Handbags….Rings, Necklaces and Shoes on the runway. In the future, in the years when Glamwire will be presenting The Glamwire Awards…..the statues will be called The Paolos. And today my friends, you know why. Ciao Paolo!Shopping NYC: amalga. atelier New York, Bergdorff goodman, Intermix, untitled, Supreme, the dressing room, Scoop, outlet, opening ceremony, Kirna Zabette, Jeffrey NY, Steven Alan, Jill Sander Tom ford, Missoni, Joseph, Hemes, Etro, Emilio pucci, fragaments

Beki "Pina Colada" Thomas On Tap: * <BR>HOLLYWOOD, THE OC AND GUITAR HERO *

Well well well….where do I begin…

I’ll begin with.. “Be careful what you wish for coz you might just get it”…it’s TRUE!

I wanted an adventurous life filled with music, fun, New York, amazing friends, Hollywood, Love!~ – and I got it and it keeps getting better.

Here’s a snippet of two weeks in the life of Beki….

You may or may not know this, but I grew up in a smallish town outside of Melbourne in the beautiful sunburnt country of Australia.
I’m now living in the beautiful but frozen winter wonderland that is New York City, on a Pop n’ Roll musical journey singing/songwriting in my band Beki & The Bullets.
I’m also on a personal quest to create a life of as much fun and happiness as possible.
As I write this, I’m on a bus out of Hollywood, I went to a friend’s dinner party last night and sat next to DRACULA of all in ‘DRACULA’….from the original movie…how weird…haha…oh, he was lovely by the way….anyway, moving right along, I’m now on my way to Orange County to a Rock n’ Roll pajama party at my friend’s of which happens to be in one of my favourite bands, Lit, and we wrote a song together last year…gonna be sooooo much fun!
The day before yesterday (New Years Day) I caught a plane (got given a FREE plane ticket from US Airways..can’t be bothered explaining why, but yes, it just appeared) from NYC to LA and of course I was hungover and daydreaming about sleeping on the plane, as ya do, AND…sure enough, I get on and I have not two seats to myself but THREE! So I made a BED with all the blankets and pillows and slept for 5 hours til I heard them announce “We are now descending into Los Angeles” hahaaaaa!
Now lets go back to last week and Christmas…..
I was lucky enough to have been invited to spend a glorious Chrissy with my best friend Nik’s wife (Erin)’s family in Pittsburgh!…(I’m always talkin’ about Nik – I know) we all met at their wedding in Vegas a couple of months ago and they welcomed me into the family with open arms too !hehehe -So they didn’t just gain a son in law, they got a Bek aswell..
They know how obsessed I am with pina coladas, so on arrival to their home I was greeted with an AMAZING (famous) massive one made by Erins’s dad Terry (Tezza)….and he kept topping it up until …well…I was preeeeetttty tipsy…oops… I think I actually got a bit mad coz we were all playing guitar hero and I didn’t know any of the songs!!..I usually know all the words to just about every song in the World….well, 80’s ones anyway..BUT- they had all these weird ‘record company trying to promote their latest release’ songs and all this emo, hardcore German/Jared Leto and Willie Nelson stuff…and I’m usually the queen of Karaoke hogging the mic, but I didn’t know these mutha flippin’ songs so I didn’t wanna sing it!!!!!!!!!(I’m a y’know – I wanted to get into it and be a show off haha) and the others were like “Beki- just sing the song!!”…and I’m like “You’ve chosen a weird genre- WHY can’t we just do Bon Jovi or something
JEEZUZ!” …..(you can’t choose it though apparently, but I didn’t know that).
Erin’s brother TJ called me a party pooper and I nearly started crying…(he was only joking), but It’s just that the pina coladas had kicked in and I wanted to sing a lovely number that I knew and not just…..ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! You have to have played this game to understand.
ANYWAY…I tried to be a good sport and humm along in German following the line… Oh Lord…haha… Next time I wanna play the drums.
But don’t get me wrong here kids, I had the best time EVER!! Ate SO much divine food, went on a beer drinking bowling expedition and got to hang out guilt free in pajamas for days and watch weird reality TV…I don’t usually watch TV coz I find my own life more interesting, but as a novelty, I enjoyed watching Celebrity rehab (a bit disturbing actually) and that show with Brett Michaels (HA!)….he has a lovely new wig.
That’s enough about me for today…I’ll continue with more stories soon- there’s too many and I
….I…dunno…next time I’m gonna talk about boys, girls.