Layana Aguilar in NYC. The story of Layana Aguilar is borderline a fairy tale. This up and coming Brazilian designer has stunned great names in the industry, was a finalist on the 11th Season of Project Runway and designed the gown for the first Latina Disney princess, “Elena of Avalor”. Layana comes from a small […]

Super Duper Met Costume Gala

L.A. might have the Oscars, but Manhattan’s social event of the season is the annual Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute gala, which draws bold-faced, glammed-up names from both coasts and across the pond. This year’s theme? Superheroes, a fitting one given the massive box-office hit that was Iron Man, and the upcoming flicks The Dark Knight, […]

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Upcoming Interviews: Ibikari Brown, Jamie Gordon, Misty Twigg, Michelle Obama, Jeff Amderson, Herbie Hancock, George A. Romero, Stephen Schwartzman, Dave Mustaine, Judith Jameson, Helen Hunt, Evan Rachel Wood, Brian Warner, Guy Trevay, Bryanboy, JasperJohns. Paul Poiret, Alex Witchel, Ben Bernakle. Kimberly Pierce, Abigail Breslin, Kar Wai Wong, Al Pacino, Mary Cassatt, Scott Heim, and Richie […]

Four Fashion Headlines: March 19, 2008

Calling Amy

Could Amy Winehouse, who couldn’t make it to the Grammy Awards last month due to visa issues, be crossing the pond for the Costume Institute gala on May 5? The Mirror of London reported on Monday that Winehouse has been offered 500,000 pounds ? or about $1 million ? to perform at the benefit and, according to the tabloid, gala host Giorgio Armani asked co-chairs George Clooney and Julia Roberts to sign her on. Winehouse’s London rep declined comment, but a spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Museum of Art said, “Amy Winehouse is one of a number of artists who have been considered for the entertainment portion for the Costume Institute gala. It’s incorrect that she was offered payment. It’s a benefit, so no one is being paid.”

Despite Stock Market’s Jump, Few Mega M&A Deals Seen in ’08

Retail rode Wall Street’s roller coaster on Tuesday as the Federal Reserve Board’s interest rate cut sent the market zooming. But daily thrill rides aside, the lack of credit could dry up any major deals in the industry for the foreseeable future.

Print Dresses, Colored Trenches Top Spring Sales

Retailers may be worried about the economy and Wall Street’s woes, but the arrival of spring fashions should offer some hope.

In the Trenches: The GLAMWIRE Trench Coat Report

Reed Krakoff and Phillip Lim are out to reinvent the trenchcoat. The two met through the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. In 2007 Lim won the CFDA Swarovski women’s wear award for his two-year-old contemporary label, 3.1 Phillip Lim. Krakoff is vice president of the CFDA. “He’s not only amazingly talented, but has a great personality,” said Krakoff. “He really understands great American design and the trench is an iconic piece of American outerwear.” The two concocted a long belted suede trench that will retail for $1,798 and a short leather one that will sell for $1,298. Outerwear is a growing category for Coach, which has also partnered with designers such as Lutz & Patmos for knits and Eugenia Kim for hats. “It’s part of our moving forward and staying fresh,” added Krakoff of the burgeoning categories. “We’re starting to add more clothing.” The coats will be available in Coach stores starting in August.

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Four Fashion Headlines: March 10, 2008

Heading to the Desert? Bloomingdale’s Store In Dubai Said in Works
Bloomingdale’s appears ready to take its expansion overseas and join the rush of high-end retail and designer brands headed to the Middle East.

U.S. Designers Covet Bigger Bag Business
Another whirl of fashion shows has come and gone, and once again the runways from New York to Paris were as much about the handbags and other accessories as they were about the clothes.

Former Hilfiger Exec Tapped for Kmart Post

Former Tommy Hilfiger executive Stephen Donnelly is joining Kmart on March 24 as vice president and general merchandise manager overseeing women’s apparel.

Jewelers Sparkle at Milan’s About J Show About J, the new upscale jewelry fair that launched here last week, earned positive marks from exhibitors, who praised the timing and the location’s intimacy and exclusivity.

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Four Fashion Headlines: March 5, 2008

Hillary Clinton Wins Rhode Island

Looks great in Red Pant Suit. Says we are “More than ready” to give our Veterans genuinely compassionate care at about 11:20 Eastern Time in Ohio.

Hillary Clinton Wins Ohio

Looks even better in Red Pant Suit.
Says we have to fight to make our hopes and dreams realities through “hard work and leadership” and that her outfit has never been short on either. Glamwire begins an intense operation to get a hold of her Red Pant Suit and run tests on it to see if statement holds up. Croud Chants, “yes she will.” She will do a lot of things, and it is hard to know what they mean. It is 11.30 EST. At 11;31 The Glamwire News Teams sets out on frantic search to find out who designed the pant suit. Zac Time ventures, “Looks pretty Dior to me.” Barbara Rizpah Lowe counters, “Yeah, maybe if this was 1947.” An anonymous tip comes in saying they may be from someone named “Jessica Howard.” Our research team cannot confirm this by 3 AM EST.

Barack Obama Wins Vermont

Looks great in San Antonio in Blue Suit, White Shirt and Red Tie all by Men’s Warehouse (this is according to annonymous email tip from someone called “Dress Shirt…size 17.5.” This has not been confirmed. Obama speaks of the amazing reality of his backround and how far he’s come, and notes that the world is watching what we do, and how we conduct ourselves, and particulalry how we dress* at 11;40 EST.
This is all as dictated by Dress Shirt…size 17.5…..not yet confirmed by TGNT.

Hillary Clinton Wins Popular Vote In Texas.

Sleeps in Red Pant Suit, completey discombulating our reporter Sandy Fine’s chances of pretenting to a housekeeper at the Columbus Sheridan and stealing the Pant Suit. Another Annonynous source, this time claiming to be “Medium Sports Pants” speaks of a mysterious”Chinese Asbestos Pant Suit” in Hillary’s past, and we are off the to the races, on the road the Pennsylvania.

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