The Gaye Watkins Report

Its Gala Season and Gaye Watkins in on fire. Her report on a Porche sponsored auto show gala follows momentarily. And, my friends, here it is:

You know spring has sprung when young and mature men’s fancies turn to Porches, Lamborghinis, and Bentleys at the New York Auto Show Preview at the Eastside Settlement Gala. All Money raised from the event is used for Eastside House in the South Bronx which will cover their growing computer technology center. These young people are given chances to prepare for college and earn high school diplomas when the NYC public school system neglects to offer them the help they need. Eastside House Settlement with their Mott Haven High School and Village Prep School turns that all around.

Porsche was the sponsor of the gala evening. They offered their 2010 Porsche 911 GT3 model to be auctioned at the $1000 a plate dinner with the assistance of Christie’s auctioneer George McNeely. The final bid was $150,000. Just the right accessory for spring. Whomever bought this Porsche should know, I am ready and willing to be adopted. During cocktails, Robert from Manhattan Motor Cars claimed that some guys prefer the expensive sexy sports car because its cheaper than a mistress. Some men in the room admired the women the way they did the cars. Only from afar. Former New York Jet Howard Cross, and former New York Giant Justin Tuck were there. I must say standing next to these too guys is better than any kind of weight loss diet. They made me feel quite slim and petite. One of them asked why a woman was backing away from him. I reminded him that he’s a pretty big guy. he replied “That’s true.” Later in the evening I tried on for size a Porsche, and a Volkswagen Beetle. I felt beautiful in both. I do love the slightly quirky beetle. I still love its dome shape. Both the Beetle and Porsche have back seats but only enough room for a small dog or a bag of groceries. Definitely cuts down on car clutter. Cant wait till I have a Beetle of my own. Now if someone gave me a Porsche as a gift, well that would be all right too.