Chris Barron and Lindsey Nicole Chambers at Notorious #9 Premiere

Spin Doctors Lead Singer Chris Barron And Broadway Star Lindsey Nicole Chambers at the premiere of “The Notorious #9 and The Titilatting 10’s” in NYC. The movie marks Chris’ cinematic debut. Related articles by Zemanta Producers made Frank wait to break up with Ali, allowing Chris Harrison his usual outrage ( Controversial Short Drama “Among […]

Oscar Oscar Oscar

Glamwire Predicts: Picture Hurt Locker Director Bigelow Actor Bridges Actress Streep Have a great night folks!!!!! Related articles by Zemanta Bigelow, Moore join board that oversees Oscars ( Bigelow, Moore join board that oversees Oscars ( Gotham Film Awards, The Hurt Locker and the Oscars ( Sigourney Weaver says James Cameron didn’t win Oscar because […]

A Beki "Pina Colada" Christmas

Tree People (The Musical) Sondheim/Thomas….with an indroduction by Berle Ives. Back where I come from Pink Hair at Christmas on a A Possum meant it was going to be a banner year for corn, but a so-so year for wheat. Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!!! – Berle Ives Tree people….The original book from which Sondheim […]